Tatiana Niche’

Name : Tatiana Niché My instagram :NichÉDidIt Phone number:(919)-810-3948 Location: The Museum Barbershop 2 N Pettigrew St Unit A Raleigh, NC  27610


  • Braids

    Cornows Added Hair

    6 to 8 cornows not small thumb size, includes shampoo, condition, blow dry. If hair is thick, long add on charge every 1 inch $15 more. please consult for right pricing. Thank you

  • Weave

    Weave Take Down

    Cut out tracks with out cutting hair and un braid and brush gently.

    Weave Shampoo and Conditioner Style

    Shampoo conditioner, oil scalp and style. Cuts and sprays additional. Refer to length chart if longer

  • Default Stylist

    Add on Bundle

    Add on Length & Thick

    Hair Pass shoulder every 1 1/2 inches pass shoulder it is More than average hair length and or thickness

    Add on Up Do

    This includes any updo besides regular curl or bends to hair ex: ponytales, row flat twist, pin ups or a cut style to crochet only or barber cut look to a style.

    Apply Scalp Treatment

    Grease scalp

    Basic Shampoo, Condition, Style

    This is on relaxed hair. First ph balance Clarify shampoo, moisture shampoo, condition and basic blow dry curl. Relax hair. If hair past shoulder it is $10 to 15 more. It will take more time and product.

  • Consultation


    45 minutes this price goes to your service that is booked with in 5 days of consultation